There is another option...

Recovering over-achiever and high-performer, I am a profound believer in putting a halt to the hustle. No more racing towards this imaginary "...happy when..." finish line that we will never reach. No more overwhelm, exhaustion, fear, frustration, comparison; doing what we think we ought to.

Instead, I believe in connecting to the full intelligence of who were are; mind, heart soul. We are, after all, human beings not human doings.
The mind is not our most powerful asset. It is our heart, our soul, in concert with our mind, that allows for our greatness. And it from this place that we find our success, our peace, our power.

My job is to connect you to you best, most powerful self and from there, allow you to map out the stars and go live your fullest, happiest life. Because if not that, then what?


Above: kick-off talk at Sea to Sky Summit.
Below: being human means being vulnerable. Here is me doing the scary; talking about me.


There is where you are, and then there is where you want to be. It's time. You're ready. 


Workshops and programs that let you unlock the power and potential of your teams. 

52 firsts

This is the fun zone. Or at least, my version of it!  Stories and adventures to inspire.

Clients, Events, Talks and other fun things...


Aimed at creating connection through experience. Each event, workshop, talk embeds playfulness into the exploration of that one thing that we all have in common; being human.


What they're saying...

"I started with many parts of my life in uncertainty and chaos. Dating, work and most importantly my relationship with myself.  I felt like I was failing everyone.  

Sasha, helped me redesign my destiny, rebuild my confidence and use that momentum to strive to be better.
It's amazing how much happier and more confidant I am now!  I got my life back."

- Scott Pook - Business Professional - Vancouver


"I can go on and on but words could never express the amazingly liberating and life-changing experience
Sasha safely guided me through. Thank you so much Sasha. You transformed my life!"

- Aglaee Jacob, MS, RD - Founder RadicataNutrition.com - Vancouver Island


a "first" that changed everything

Maggie McEachern-
Business Professional and
first time Crossfit competitor