The Self-Mastery Series is now launched!


The Self-Mastery Series is a 3-part program which focuses on our 3 intelligences; our 3Q. Because…

Although our IQ is important, it only accounts for 20% of our success. It is our Emotional and Social Intelligences which are responsible for the other 80% of our happiness (first), and our success (second).

Part 1: Mastering the Mind; focuses on the mind, how it works and how to take back control.
Part 2: Honouring the Heart; focuses on that which motivates you that which you are meant to create.
Part 3: Surrendering to the Soul; focuses on your intuition and deepest wisdom; that which you are meant to be

The first session is now complete, new session to come this fall!
Click here for more info or to reserve your spot.

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My mission is to work with individuals, teams and organization and connect back the fundamental truth: that above all else, we are human beings first. And as human beings, we have the capacity to create powerful change; for ourselves, our families, our businesses and the world around us.

My job is to connect you to your greatness; to the best version of yourself. The version that leads, the version that loves, the version that lives; with purpose and power.

There is another option… and it starts here.

When we lead with our hearts, we win, our business wins, the world wins. Kick-off talk at Sea to Sky Summit.

Being human means being vulnerable. Here is me doing the scary; talking about me.



There is where you are, and then there is where you want to be. It's time. You're ready. 


Workshops and programs that let you unlock the power and potential of your teams. 

52 firsts

This is the fun zone. Or at least, my version of it!  Stories and adventures to inspire.

Clients, events, talks and other fun things...


Aimed at creating connection through experience. Each event, workshop, talk embeds playfulness into the exploration of that one thing that we all have in common; being human.

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What they're saying...

"I quit my 15 year corporate job and haven’t looked back. My business is thriving and my life is full, happy and free.

Sasha was the needed encouragement and support to get me to and through this pivotal part of me life. She is doing what she was meant to be doing. She is an amazing coach and game-changer.”

Amber Branny - Founder, Mindful Business Mom

“Whether you want support for your professional goals or creating a vision of your best possible self, Sasha can help you change the trajectory of your life. She was able to help me get clear on how I want to show up in my life, and focus on being the best, values-based leader I can be.”

Garth Pieper - Director Casino Operations, BCLC

"I started with many parts of my life in uncertainty and chaos. Dating, work and most importantly my relationship with myself.  I felt like I was failing everyone.  

Sasha, helped me redesign my destiny, rebuild my confidence and use that momentum to strive to be better.
It's amazing how much happier and more confidant I am now!  I got my life back."

- Scott Pook - Business Professional - Vancouver


"I can go on and on but words could never express the amazingly liberating and life-changing experience
Sasha safely guided me through. Thank you so much Sasha. You transformed my life!"

- Aglaee Jacob, MS, RD - Founder - Vancouver Island


a "first" that changed everything

Maggie McEachern-
Business Professional and
first time Crossfit competitor